Definition::Adnomination refers to repetition of a word with a change in letter or sound

Origin:: Unknown

See also:: Paronomasia, pun

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Examples from text:

1) In one of NPR's 3 minute short stories, "The First Session" by William Dowd, a husband and wife are going to a marriage counselor. The husband is a physicist and the woman is a nurse. Throughout the story, many puns are made regarding the physicist and his line of work.

  • When the couple first arrive at the counselor, he asks "When did your husband first begin to exhibit quantum behavior?" (Chopin 1). This is a pun because "quantum" is a term used in the physics world, however in this case its meaning is completely different. Another example is when the wife is describing to the counselor that the husband would only do household chores when he was "being observed" (Chopin 1). Because he is a physicist, the husband surely spends many hours making observations. Therefore, it is a pun.


2) In The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, many of the fairy tales told have adnomination used. The premise of this children's book is to provide new takes on fairy tales by looking at them very literally and using play on words to change them up.

  • One example of this is "The Tortoise and the Hair," in which the hare, is convinced that he can grow hair faster than the tortoise can run. The story has no end and the final words are "not the end." There is word play with "hair" and the "hare", making this a prime example of adnomination.